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A reason for not embracing the NatalieM site

So, the mod on PX This has posted a very long screed that has me (and many others) determined to delete their bookmarks to the site as quickly as possible.

Ewww, it's too dark in here!, a thread started by the mod, containing these little gems:

"additionally, you should remember it is not the company's responsibility to encourage your job negligence any more than it is Playboy's responsibility to clothe their models just because you like to sneak a lookie-loo during work sometimes.
the company is also not responsible for your e-ddiction which leads you to read messageboards for hours on end; maybe you should thank the designer for forcing you to get up intermittently and give your eyes a rest, as is recommended by whomever writes those Computer Usage Health Guide tips."

"compromise? sure! let's go with GRAY! will that make everyone happy ? OF COURSE NOT but let's cross our fingers anyways.

does this solve our problem? no, it doesn't. so here's what will:

go here and click on one of the links that say "BUY the book" and do just that. save the receipt page and then e-mail Gnat a copy at

when she has received enough receipts to satisfy the costs, she will take personal responsibility for getting her friend to design ANOTHER visually beautiful and appropriate, but LIGHT "skin" for these boards, again at his drastically reduced "just for her" rate.
(and don't even think of going back afterward to cancel, because we will pray all day and night that Karma punishes you for being the sneaky, manipulative creep you are.)"

There's more, every bit in the same vein. Basically, it's "Fuck you all for wanting a change, despite the fact that I was the one who started a threat for you to complain about the way the board looks. But if you all are very good and buy shitloads of my book, I maybe will accomodate your bourgeouis little demands, stupid former Fametrackers." She's managed to alienate vast swaths of people in day! Might be a record.
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