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The End?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I think it's over. I was checking out the latest insane threads in the Celebs section (looking for examples in my own journal entry) and I tried to go to the Lights Out thread and heres the message that came up:

It's Troll City and the FT forums are the mayor!
Three cheers to the FT regulars at their new homes. Here's hoping the trolls you left behind here do not follow you there.
Thanks for everything to everybody. Look for the first of serveral new features on FT in the next week or so.

Below is the log in screen and when I tried to log in the same page just came up again. Looks like its over and Wing finally had enough of everyone telling her the truth unnecessarily critisizing her. Anyone know if she got any last words in or did she just shut it down quietly?

I am sad.

ETA: I just noticed that "several" is spelled wrong. 40%<= Wing, read the FAQ damnit. We like things spelled right around here.
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